The Toronto Star came out with a helpful article that identifies some important questions to ask if you are giving thought to purchasing a new home through a builder, be it a freehold home, a townhouse or a new condo: 1) What is the builder’s reputation? 2) Is the developer purchase contract unfair to buyers?.. read more →

According to this article in the Toronto Star, renting out your parking spot is actually illegal despite the amount of people who do it, and the amount of businesses popping up to help parking spot owners rent out their spaces. But renting out your parking spot is actually illegal in Toronto, a city whose bylaws.. read more →

Contributed By Home Inspection Company Carson & Dunlop: In a city like Toronto, where the apartment vacancy rate is low and real estate values are high, many people rely on the rental income from a basement apartment to give them the edge they need to own a home. But is it a ‘legal’ apartment? If.. read more →