Strategic Pricing


One of the most important steps in preparing your home for market is determining the listing price. Pricing your home just right from the start will generate the most showings and yield the highest and best outcome for your home. We endeavour to strike the right balance between getting you the highest possible return and attracting the best offers. If the list price is too high, we may deter agents and Buyers, causing the property to become stale to potential Buyers if it stays on the market too long. Well-priced homes get buyers excited to make good offers.

We begin with a realistic Comparative Market Analysis of your property to determine a strategic target price which is based on the current market conditions, recent sales in your area, comparable active listings, potential future benefits and unique features of your home. We may also make recommendations of potential improvements or repairs you might make to increase the curb appeal and list price of your home. Our goal is to deliver the highest financial return for you in a reasonable period of time with the least inconvenience.

Pricing Pyramid


Market value is defined as the highest price estimated in terms of money that a property will bring if exposed for sale on the open market, allowing a reasonable length of time to find a purchaser who will buy with the knowledge of the uses to which it is adopted and for which it is capable of being used.

Value of real estate is directly related to the benefits of the rights of ownership.  The value represents the typical, prudent, informed Buyer’s and Seller’s interpretation of the present worth and anticipated future benefits of the real property.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any pricing questions or would like to discuss your real estate needs and objectives and the ways we might be able to help you successfully achieve them.