Preparing For Sale


An important part of our service is helping you prepare your home for sale to maximize the outcome and find the right Buyer at the right price. We often recommend home maintenance, staging, and landscape enhancement before we have your home professionally photographed.


We do a thorough walk-through and help identify ways to increase the list and sale price of your home. If you do not have your own contacts, we have a list of recommended general contractors, trades people, interior designers, etc., who specialize in preparing homes for listings with items such as fixing or building patios and decks, repairing windows, doors, driveways, replacing shingles on rooftops, smoothing and painting walls, or full-scale renovations. It may only take a couple of hours, or perhaps a few weeks or months, depending on the changes required to sell the listing for the optimum price.

Landscape Enhancement:

Curb appeal is vital in the sale of your home. Whether it is achieved online or from the sidewalk, potential Buyers have already formed an opinion of your home before they walk through your front door. The front of your house is the first image as people drive by, as well as on feature sheets and online marketing materials. We can arrange to have your front and rear yards groomed and possibly stocked with planters to create an inviting atmosphere for potential Buyers.


Looks do count when it comes to selling a home and what may be appealing to you may not be appealing to a prospective Buyer. We often use the service of Toronto’s best home stagers to enhance the features of your home, maximize its appeal, and ensure that you receive the best sale price. Staging creates a visual impression that is instantly appealing and presents a lifestyle that captures hearts and imaginations. It’s no longer a home that you live in – it’s a product on the market and Buyers should be able to easily imagine themselves living there. Staging work could range from removing, replacing or rearranging furniture, art and collectibles, to painting some walls and replacing carpet, to fully decorating a house. Sometimes this may mean renting, purchasing or borrowing art, accessories or furniture. If professional staging is not required, prior to or during the photo shoot we still help organize your living space and prepare it for showings so as to create a streamlined setting.


A picture speaks a thousand words. When preparations are complete, we have your home professionally photographed. We use photographs with better colour saturation on the internet, a higher pixel count, and a much larger frame size so your home is showcased in the best possible setting. We capture each room at a variety of angles and we create virtual tour videos of the home, both inside and out, to create a real at-home experience online. Since most of today’s Buyers shop online for homes before they preview them, their first impression is on the internet. Breathtaking images and video tours can help capture attention and inspire potential Buyers to want to see more.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your real estate needs and objectives and how we might be able to help you successfully achieve them.