Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS or “eefs” for short) are a type of exterior wall cladding that is becoming very popular in new or recently renovated homes – especially those being renovated to be more energy-efficient. If you’re shopping for central Toronto real estate, it’s you will very likely come across EIFS. What are EIFS? EIFS.. read more →

Radon gas is a by-product of the break-down of uranium in soil, slowly seeping out from the earth’s crust. It is invisible, odourless, and dangerous. Because of how radon emanates into the air it is everywhere, but in very low concentrations. When radon is in a home, it becomes concentrated as it is trapped in.. read more →

First Time Home Buyers: 10 Tips For Success There’s no doubt that being a first-time home buyer is an exciting life stage, but it’s also a time of important decision making….and a time to be asking lots of questions. Here are 10 tips that will help you get started on your path to home ownership:.. read more →

The Spring Market is starting to take shape in Toronto, with this coming week being the week where the sales activity starts to become more intense. In March, the average selling price for a home in the GTA increased 10 per cent over the same time last year, while home sales jumped by 11 per cent.. read more →

The Top Five Greater Toronto Area Neighbourhoods in which to buy a home, according to MoneySense’s list of the best Neighbourhoods in the city for affordability and growth potential, are Cornell (Markham), Hillcrest Village (Toronto), Regent Park (Toronto), East-End Danforth (Toronto) and Pleasant View (Toronto). The list includes a number of further-out places like Markham.. read more →