The Toronto Star came out with a helpful article that identifies some important questions to ask if you are giving thought to purchasing a new home through a builder, be it a freehold home, a townhouse or a new condo: 1) What is the builder’s reputation? 2) Is the developer purchase contract unfair to buyers?.. read more →

Are you considering buying a home or condo in Toronto? There are a few different factors to consider if you’re having trouble making that final choice. Your Budget. Condos are traditionally less expensive than homes, so they may be more suitable to people’s budgets. However, many people don’t consider the the monthly maintenance or condo.. read more →

04 Mar 2016
March 4, 2016

Toronto February Market Stats

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More than two thirds of Canadians own houses, and five per cent of Canadians own rental real estate. When you’re uncertain about the housing market, you may be conflicted on whether it’s time to sell, or even time to buy another rental property. The Financial Post published a good article giving the best arguments for.. read more →

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the $25 billion construction sector in Ontario is expected only to grow as home renovations and the updating of aging rental buildings ramps up in the province over the coming years. Baby boomers enjoying the huge growth in the value of their homes will be funding big.. read more →