Modern Day – Information Age


Today’s market is influenced by the information age so Buyers and Sellers are more educated than ever before. Statistics show that more than 90% of people check the housing market online before ever contacting an agent. There is vast access to almost unlimited information so you can look online and find information about almost everything, even how to buy or sell your own house. The information overload can blur facts with fiction and make it hard to be discerning. The market is competitive and properties for sale must break through the noise and clutter to showcase their features in the most appealing context to attract the best Buyer. Navigating the process can be complicated and time consuming, especially because you are dealing with large sums of money.

Do you really need a REALTOR®? Well, actually, no. You can of course handle the process by yourself. It requires your time, energy, resources, and may be a steep learning curve, but it can be done. There is lots of information available online, which makes the initial stage of home buying or home selling easier. However, quite often people don’t realize what they don’t know, all the things they need to know, how to deal with items within an offer, and the nuances of the particular real estate market they’re shopping in.

If you’re a Buyer, the role of an agent is to filter this process, identify properties which meet your criteria, and help you buy a house. A great agent will become a trusted advisor with experience and expertise to help ensure you buy the right house. A great agent will also have an established network, access to exclusive properties, industry expertise and market smarts to help the right house find you. A great agent will implement superior negotiation skills when it comes time to sit down at the table. He / she will have a commitment to strategic alliances with other professionals such as builders for VIP access to real estate opportunities. A great agent will also be there for you as a resource long after you have settled in to your new home.

If you’re a Seller, the role of an agent is to help you list your home, market it to the public, and negotiate offer(s). A great agent will also become a trusted advisor who recommends strategies to position your home’s value and its price. He/she will help you maximize your return with traditional and modern marketing strategies, as well as offer guidance on preparing, pricing and timing intelligence. A great agent will also have an established network of qualified Buyers, leverage the Buyer Registry System, and possess industry expertise and tenacity to help the right Buyer find your property. A great agent will deliver superior negotiation skills when it comes time to sit down at the table. A great agent will also be there for you as a resource long after the sale has closed.

If you choose to work with a real estate agent, take your time to find a qualified, experienced agent with a proven track record. Buying and/or selling real estate is not life threatening but it can be life changing.

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