These are the key types of homes we tend to focus on with and for our clients:

Single-family Detached

A single-family detached home that constitutes one dwelling unit. It stands alone, and sits on its own individual lot, which often provides a greater degree of privacy.

Single-family Semi-detached

A semi-detached home is a single-family home that is joined on one side to another home…in turn separated by what’s referred to as a “party wall”. It can offer many of the advantages of a single-family detached home. Less privacy than a fully detached, but also often less expensive to buy and maintain.

Townhouse (sometimes called a Row House)

Townouses (also called row houses) are several similar single-family homes, side-by-side, joined by common walls. They can be freehold or condominiums, which are 2 separate forms of ownership. They offer less privacy than a single-family detached home, although each has a separate outdoor space. These homes can cost less to buy and maintain, although some are large, luxury units.

Stacked Townhouse

Stacked townhouses are usually two-storey homes. Two two-story homes are stacked one on top of the other. The buildings are usually attached in groups of four or more. Each unit has direct access from the outside.

Link or Carriage Home

A link, or carriage home, is joined by a garage or carport that gives access to the front and back yards. Builders sometimes join basement walls so that link houses appear to be single-family homes on small lots. These houses can be less expensive than single-family detached homes.


A duplex, triplex, fourplex or multiplex is a building containing two, three, four or more single-family homes/units, located one above the other. For buildings with 3 or more units, the configuration of units isn’t always a straight stack. Sometimes the owner lives in one unit and rents the other(s), on other occasions the building is purely an investment play and all units are occupied by tenants.

To discuss your real estate goals, objectives and the type of home(s) that could best meet your needs, feel free to contact Myles directly.