The word “condo” or “condominium” doesn’t refer to a type of building as much as it actually refers to a form of real estate ownership. Condo ownership means you have titled ownership to the unit you live in, while also owning a proportionate number of shares in the condominium corporation that operates the building and shared ownership rights for the common space of the building with the other condo unit owners. Common space includes areas such as corridors, the grounds around the building, and facilities such as a swimming pool and recreation rooms.  The condominium corporation has a board (including members that are unit owners) that makes decisions about using and maintaining the building and common areas. Condo owners pay monthly maintenance fees to cover the costs of their share of common maintenance and upkeep.

We’ve been helping more and more clients with the purchase and sale of condos, particularly with more and more empty nesters wanting low-maintenance living, all the way to first-time buyers who find purchasing a home cost prohibitive. Whether it’s downsizing, first-time Buyers or investors, we help people who are often making lifestyle changes and want to access the convenience and walkability of city-living.

These are the key types of homes we tend to focus on with and for our clients:

  • Townhouse condo
  • Stacked townhouse condo
  • Low, Medium and High-rise buildings with condo apartments
  • Resale listings
  • Pre-construction opportunities
  • Investment