About Keystone Real Estate


key·stone (kē'stōn') noun. (1637)

key·stone (kē’stōn’) noun. origin 1637

  • The central stone at the pinnacle of an arch that holds its overall structure together
  • The critical component on which associated things depend
  • The key ingredient in a successful real estate team


Keystone Pillars

Keystone Real Estate is a referral-based real estate team at Royal LePage Johnston & Daniel with a mission to provide the highest standards of service for the people we represent. We focus on delivering superior value with equal parts experience, expertise, integrity and discretion. We aim to be the vital link between people and properties.

Real estate is both our passion and profession. With an approach that is specifically tailored to individual needs, objectives and communication styles, we put the goals and best interests of our clients above all else and handle your real estate matters as carefully as if they were our own.

The following list will give you some insight about Keystone Real Estate’s key pillars:


Experience & Expertise

  • We are full-time, full-service, results-oriented real estate professionals.
  • We deliver experience, expertise and knowledge from hundreds of transactions to help protect clients at all stages of the home buying & selling process.
  • We are committed to continual education to offer our clients improved services, and take courses to stay on top or ahead of current industry knowledge, best practices, and the latest (worthy) trends.

Skilled & Trusted Advisors

  • You can trust that we always place your interests ahead of our own.
  • We provide wisdom and insight garnered from the real estate frontlines.
  • Whether it’s buying or selling, we are patient, committed and get the job done.

Customized Service

  • We meet with you for a consultation to get a comprehensive understanding of your real estate needs, objectives and timelines to make your real estate experience as streamlined, stress-free & enjoyable as possible.
  • We create a customized home buying approach based on your individual style and communications preferences.
  • We create a customized marketing plan based on your specific home, mixing everything from the latest in digital campaigns to hand written cards and direct phone calls, to get your home sold quickly and for the most amount of money.
  • We are proactive, responsive and creative to ensure you successfully achieve your goals.

Expert Negotiators

  • You’re gaining access to experienced negotiators who deploy a deep understanding of the dynamics and strategies behind real estate transactions.
  • With training and sales certification from companies like Xerox and GlaxoSmithKline, our negotiation skills will help ensure the best possible outcome for you.
  • We create and execute property-specific negotiation strategies.
  • Our team is also certified with Masters Edge.
  • We negotiate to get you the right home for the best price with the best possible terms.


  • We maintain extensive personal and professional networks and are active in the real estate community.
  • We love that we can sometimes connect Buyers and Sellers together without a property actually going to market.
  • We are also connected to resources and service providers that can help our Buyers and Sellers with additional components involved in the real estate sales cycle.
  • With the benefit of our networks and contacts, we take pride in having been able to introduce clients to contacts within our networks to further their professional and/or personal pursuits.


  • If you value discretion in your business dealings, you’ll appreciate our commitment to confidentiality.
  • During the course of helping you, we will learn personal and financial details which we will never disclose.
  • We are mindful of the human dynamics behind the transaction and will always keep private whatever you share with us.

Long-Term Relationships

  • Helping you find the right home, and helping the right home find you is our goal, no matter how long it takes.
  • We are committed to client satisfaction and keep in touch long after the transaction is complete.