When speaking with clients about action items that could help increase the marketability and value of their home as they give consideration to selling – or indeed after the decision to list has been made and listing preparation is now underway – enhancing their home’s exterior is often top of the list.

The reason for an exterior reno/enhancement is very simple: the higher the curb appeal of a property, the higher the sale price and, in turn,  ROI (return on investment).

That is often the largest reason for undergoing an exterior improvement or full-fledged reno. But there are other reasons why improving  the curb appeal of your home is beneficial, even if planning  to live in it for a lot longer.

Here are the Top Five Reasons To Improve Your Home’s Exterior:

Reason 1: It Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Maximimum curb appeal = maximum sale price and ROI. Never underestimate the impact of a new garage door, new windows, new downspouts, updated porch, tuck pointing and/or fresh paint. The extent of renovation that’s worthwhile and makes financial sense is case specific of course. It could involve everything from just a few minor landscaping enhancements, all the way to a full facelift.

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and as prospective buyers approach a home that very first impression is very important.

Reason 2: Less Home Maintenance 

The upside to a home with an exterior that’s newly reno’d and in good condition is easier upkeep, lower maintenance and overall improved livability. An example of this is landscaping improvements with lower maintenance plants all the way to  ensuring the grading along the exterior walls slopes away from the home to save thousands of dollars in potential basement water damage in the future.

Reason 3: Deter Criminals

A home that is well groomed looks well lived in and cared for….and that can deter potential intruders. Compare that to a home with overgrown bushes and grass. Add motion sensor lights to pathways and darker areas on the property, display an alarm system sticker/sign, et cetera and you are only doing your home and your self a beneficial service.

Reason 4: Improved Energy Efficiency

Investing money on your home’s curb appeal can help you save money in the long term by decreasing your heating and cooling expenses. This can include landscaping that adds shade trees to shield your home from the sun, upgrading windows and doors, all the way to installing passive solar.

Reason 5: Help Your Community

Keeping up the appearance of your home has a lot of upside. It makes for happier home owners but also extends to help improve the neighbourhood and build the community. Particularly if the home improvements inspire the neighbours!



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