The Top Five Greater Toronto Area Neighbourhoods in which to buy a home, according to MoneySense’s list of the best Neighbourhoods in the city for affordability and growth potential, are Cornell (Markham), Hillcrest Village (Toronto), Regent Park (Toronto), East-End Danforth (Toronto) and Pleasant View (Toronto). The list includes a number of further-out places like Markham.. read more →

American real estate company Zillow conducted a survey of 1,000 potential homebuyers on areas of the home buying process they were confused about. While the survey was conducted in the United States, the myths cross over easily into the Canadian real estate market. The home is officially yours once the purchase contract is signed. This.. read more →

According to this article in the Toronto Star, renting out your parking spot is actually illegal despite the amount of people who do it, and the amount of businesses popping up to help parking spot owners rent out their spaces. But renting out your parking spot is actually illegal in Toronto, a city whose bylaws.. read more →