It’s not every day that you sign a document that commits you to having to pay off a large loan for the next 25 years or more. We understand that choosing to purchase a home is a big emotional and financial decision, likely one of the bigger decisions you will ever make in your life. Owning a home is a significant responsibility.. read more →

From Carson & Dunlop Spring’s arrival brings a smile to most, but warmer weather can also bring homeowner concerns in the form of unwanted guests. With the start of the spring housing market, we reached out to our Specialty Services partner, Orkin Canada, to help educate clients about termites and why it is necessary to.. read more →

It’s getting to be that time of year again – the weather is warming up and quickly becoming perfect for finally getting around to those springtime renovations and remodels. But if you’re renovating your home in order to boost it’s value before selling, which renovations will get you the largest return on the initial investment?.. read more →